About Us

Spring Forest Studio has dedicated our knowledge and enthusiasm to providing quality live streaming production services in Singapore and other countries around the world since 2017. Not only have we met our customers’ expectations, but they have also expressed interest in using our services on a regular basis. 

The 3D virtual studio production set is always available to help you with your business needs, such as developing and organizing live events, variety shows, press conferences, and trade shows. Personal occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, or other internet gatherings, may require the use of real studio sets for the live broadcast. 

 In addition to our expertise and dedication to serving the needs of our customers, we also have one of the most affordable live streaming production prices in Singapore. We have state-of-the-art audio and video equipment, as well as an in-house studio, in the 3D Virtual Studio production set. Most importantly, we have a strong team of specialists with the knowledge and experience to ensure that live streaming events are provided to the satisfaction of our customers. 

Our production team includes experts in live event coverage, live webinar production, interactive live broadcast, live mixing team, 3D engine operator, 3D streaming designer, experienced camera operator , video and audio engineers, and other studio teams. 

business development experts We have professionals able to communicate effectively with our clients to ensure they fully understand our manufacturing process, a sales and marketing team able to present our services to potential clients and operational coordinators who can help manage customer expectations and coordinate with production team during production. Administrators and accounting managers to help with daily paperwork and payroll matters. Our Microsite Design Group We have a large team of IT specialists including hardware engineers, software developers, graphic designers and other programmers who can help us manage live broadcast events. smoothly and efficiently.